Heb-3L Jacketed Glass Reactor /Double Layer Glass Reactor with Heating Bath and Chiller

Product  IntroductionOur company produces the series multi-purpose product--diminutive multifunction reactor, which is the achievement of our company absorbing much advanced experience and technology at home&nb

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Product  Introduction

Our company produces the series multi-purpose product--diminutive multifunction reactor, which is the 

achievement of our company absorbing much advanced experience and technology at home and abroad, on the basis of many years experience. The product is easy to use, with the advantages of beautiful appearance and reasonable price, it is really a ideal equipment of modern chemistry and the 

experiment of new materials' synthesis.


1.It is with standard 304 stainless steel, it can resist acid and alkali.
2.Jacketed vessel is with material high borosilicate glass, can reach to max temperature 300degree, 
min temperature -80degree(tested by technician), but we need to clarify that we only suggest to use max temperature 250degree,because of it has PTFE valve and PTFE sealing,etc.

3.Bottom Discharging valve: it has two kinds respective for side discharging and non- side discharging valve(straight down discharging), the side discharging valve is easy to connect with other afiliated equipment(for example the another reactor with same function, or getting samples easily,etc); as for non-side discharging valve, it is with same function with side discharging valve, and with 100% PTFE material.
4.Jacketed Vessel, the inner wall is 6mm,the outer wall is 8mm. The active pressure is with 0.2Mpa(about 2KGS),the negative pressure is with -0.098Mpa, the inner wall was connected with outer wall by high temperature,no faulty, no blowhole(our technician needs to do test experiment excluding faulty).

5.Reactor Lid it has standard 5 necks: the middle is the stirring port with flange,the stirring sealing is PTFE sleeve with bearing, and with a mechanical spring tapersleeve,it can be kept in good sealing condition when it is doing stirring reaction. The left is the dropping funnel with 2L(optional:5L dropping funnel),
the right is condenser with glass bend with collecting flask 0.25L or 500ml)(Note:20L and 30L's reactor, we can equip 10L or 20L 's collecting flask except of 0.25L or 500ml's glass bend collecting flask; 50L,100L and 150L's reactor, we will equip standard 10L or 20L or bigger 's collecting flask), the rear is multi-function port(air inlet or charging function or outgassing or vaccum supplying).

the front is the temperature port with glass thermowell. 
According to customer request, still we can add a big charging port with 50mm(PTFE cover keeps seal).

6. The motor is no brush,and no spark,low noise,adjustable speed of frequency converter(optional:ex-proof motor). And the controller has speed and temperature's display.

7.The bottle of reactor made by high borosilicate glass, which has excellent physical and chemical performance, the bottle is transparent, so that the reaction liquid can be saw.
8.The motor running smoothly, huge  force and no spark.
9. Good performance PTFE parts seals, and high vacuum degree.
10.The structure is compact and reasonable, and convenient to operate.

Technical Parameters :

Type HEB-3L
Glass material GG-17
Supporting material Stainless steel
Reaction bottle volume 3L
Jacket capacity0.8L
in and out of the oil circulationLow in and high out
Port Number of Reactor Lid5
Distance between Discharging valve opening and ground   30mm
Reaction temperature of reactor -80-250ºC
Vacuum 0.098Mpa
Stirring running speed0-800pm
Stirring axis diameter 8mm
Stirring power 90W
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)220V/50Hz
Exterior size (mm*mm*mm)350*410*1250
Bottom board size (mm*mm*mm)325*410
Packing size (mm*mm*mm)1220*480*400  0.24square
Packing weight (KG)36
Function configurations
Speed regulation method  Electric stepless speed regulation
Rotary speed display Digital display
Humidity display PT100 sensor digital display
Sealing method PTFE sealing, ¢50 flange stirring opening
Condenser Vertical condenser 60*450mm,24# standard opening
Dropping device 500ml constant pressure funnel 29# standard opening
Pressure reducing device 24#standard pressure reduce valve
Temperature measuring tube 24#standard opening
Discharging method Bottom side discharging valve ¢60 flange opening
Vacuum display method Vacuum meter
Stirring connection Cardan joint connected
Stirrer Writing stainless stick, coated by PTFE
Optional configurations Collecting device Optional re-flowing elbow with collecting bottle
Explosion-proof Ex-frequency inverter, Ex-motor EX40W, 0-1400 running speed
Frame parts Optional frames, plastic spraying or PTFE
Attemperator Insulated cotton
Temperature display in reactor Optional digital display
Our laboratory glass and instruments are developed independently, we can manufacture according to customers' demands.

Heb-3L Jacketed Glass Reactor/Double Layer Glass Reactor with Heating Bath and Chiller

Heb-3L Jacketed Glass Reactor/Double Layer Glass Reactor with Heating Bath and Chiller

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