Low Foam Washing Powder Detergent for Machine Washing with Defoam

Detail information of exhibitsPerfume>0.3%,Fresh lemonAdd fresh lemon extract -lemon oil brings you a fresh and comfortable dayActive Matter17%-19%,high foam/low foamWashingIn cool, normal, warm temperature are effectiveCertificateISO9001 ISO14001 OHSMS18001 and GSPSuitableFor both hand and machine washMain FeaturesNon-harmfu

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Low Foam Washing Powder Detergent for Machine Washing with DefoamDetail information of exhibits
Perfume>0.3%,Fresh lemonAdd fresh lemon extract -lemon oil brings you a fresh and comfortable day
Active Matter17%-19%,high foam/low foam
WashingIn cool, normal, warm temperature are effective
CertificateISO9001 ISO14001 OHSMS18001 and GSP
SuitableFor both hand and machine wash
Main Features
Non-harmful to skin,ECO friendlyprotect fabricshigh quality,competitive price

water saving, time saving

suitable density, great-looking package

MOQ100bags per flavor,mixed to a 40HQ
Low Foam Washing Powder Detergent for Machine Washing with DefoamAdvanced Technology
1. CLEACE washing powder contain many efficient biological activity factors, removw the stain in the deep of cloth ,make cloth clean sa new.
2. CLEACE washing powder contain bright color factors ,care the clolor of cloth professionally .make white cloth more white ,colorful cloth more colorful.
3. CLEACE washing powder contain easy rinsing formula ,simplify rinsing process ,save water ,save time ,save labor.
4. CLEACE washing powder contain essence of plant care protect the fiber of cloth when removing stain,no damage to cloth and hand.
5. CLEACE washing powder contain efficient cpmposite generation of phosphorus fertillizer ,environmental and safe ,healthy every day.

Low Foam Washing Powder Detergent for Machine Washing with Defoam
Factory Strength
   Established in Nanjing in 1992, AoGrand Group is the China's leading consumer products manufacturer for more than 20 years. AoGrand is also the prominent chemical solution provider and it continuously leverages its expertise in chemical engineering to integrate its unique manufacturing systems with emerging technologies.Now AoGrand Group has global sales and marketing team of nearly 1,000 employees, and owns a 100,000 m² modern new and comprehensive daily chemical factory including a series of independent factories. Besides, its Nanjing headquarters has more than 400 staffs and modern office space of tens of thousands of square meters. AoGrand Group is a CE, EPA, cGMP, GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified company. The company was granted the certificate of "Leading Enterprise in Jiangsu Province Daily Chemical Industry".
   AoGrand currently owns many major brands, including CLEACE, JOBY, BUBUBEAR, ARROW, MYSTIC ORCHARD, and IWASH. Among them, the ACE HAND SANITIZER CLEACE has become the No. 1 export brand of instant hand sanitizer in China and the No. 1 import brand in the United States, which is also rapidly deployed on the online e-commerce platforms. By utilizing its expertise in sanitizers, detergents, mosquito coils, soaps, baths, shampoos, air fresheners, diapers and sanitary pads, the Group has expanded not only its capabilities into the manufacturing of personal and household care products, but also penetrated the global markets, spanning North America, Africa and Asia.
Low Foam Washing Powder Detergent for Machine Washing with Defoam


Q1: Please briefly introduce your CLEACE washing powder?

A1: CLEACE washing powder, our company is mainly lemon series. Fresh and natural,fashion and gorgeous packaging, laundry detergent contain many efficient biological activity factors,remove the stain in the deep of cloth, make cloth clean as new.Contain essence of plant care,protect the fiber of cloth when removing stain,no damage to cloth and hand, and of course ,environmental and safe,healthy every day.

Q2: Can you describe more details about CLEACE detergent?
Our CL laundry detergent active matter is 18%.

Q3: How many sizes of CL detergent?
CL washing powder, we provide specifications such as 30g,125g,250g,350g,500g,1KG,3KG,5KG,10KG,25KG, etc

Q4: Did CL detergents are designed all the same packages?
No, what you often see are bags, because the product satisfied most of the market demand. In fact, we also have box packaging and drums, which are produced according to the needs of customers.

Q5: Which clothes can use CL washing powder?
Normally, it can be used, such as cotton clothing, yarn woven clothing, hemp clothing, but there are also some of the more delicate clothing that can be used according to the instructions of the clothing tips.

Q6: CL washing powder machine washing and hand washing are any different?
CL machine washing powder is a low-bubble detergent, foam is relatively small, convenient cleaning, hand washing CL detergent, rich foam, the decontamination effect of the two is the same.

Q7: How many washing powders do you need when washing clothes ?
Machine wash 4-5 kg of clothes, not very dirty, add 2.5 tablespoons, dirty add 3 tablespoons, hand wash clothes 1-3 kg, not very dirty add 1.5 tablespoons, dirty add 2 tablespoons. Of course, if the clothes are particularly dirty, it is necessary to properly add the amount of washing powder and soaking time, so that the cleaning effect is better.

Q8: What is the packing rate of 1 kg of CL detergent?
The packing rate of CL detergent 1kg is 1kg*10pcs per bag.

Q9: How many bags of one ton CL laundry detergent?
The amount of one ton of CL laundry detergent depends on the specification of washing powder, such as 1kg,1ton have around 800 bags

Q10: How many tons of 20ft CL detergents?
20GH CL detergent powder is about 13 tons.

Q11: How to store CL detergent?
In order to avoid the failure of washing powder, it needs sun protection. It should be placed in a cool and dry place as much as possible. In particular, enzyme-added washing powder and dry environment, the sealed detergent can be stored for six months to nine months.

Q12: What is the shelf life of CL laundry detergent?
The shelf life of laundry detergent is generally stored for 3 years.

Q13: Can laundry be washed in cold water?
A: In order to achieve good cleaning performance with any detergent water needs to be at least 25ºC . It means in winter, people need to add some hot water in the cleaning solution to attain right temperature for superior cleaning.

Q.14 Can you do private brand ?
Yes , we provide the OEM service. if you need OEM, at least 2*40HQ containers

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