BCA Bearings adds a new SKU to the aftermarket product line

2021-12-11 02:13:09 By : Mr. Marvin Chi

The 25 new product SKUs released to NTN's BCA aftermarket product line include wheel hub components and kits used in many imported and domestic applications.

NTN, the parent company of BCA Bearings, is adding 25 new product SKUs to the BCA aftermarket product line. The version released by BCA in December 2021 includes wheel hub components and kits for many imported and domestic applications.

The company said that these new SKUs expand BCA's coverage of light and medium work truck fleets, including Ford Transit Connect, Ram ProMaster, and a variety of Sprinter-based models. Other notable new products include Tesla Model S and X, and the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette at the other end. It is also worth noting that the coverage of the 2020 Ford F-150 has been increased, which is BCA's first aftermarket product. The company said that the total number of vehicles released this time exceeded 11.1 million operating in the United States.

Throughout 2021, BCA added 56 new SKUs, representing more than 23.6 million vehicles operating in the United States alone. According to the company, in 2021, the BCA catalog team will also add 140 existing SKU carrying applications, providing catalog coverage for more than 7.2 million operating vehicles.

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