Tire stores continue to expand south

2021-12-11 02:13:16 By : Ms. Yoyo Zhao

The company stated that these recent developments contribute to the company's potential growth of opening 60 stores in 2022 through acquisitions and/or organic growth, which will bring the total number of Tyre Discounters stores in the United States to more than 200.

This week, Tire Discounters announced its entry into new markets, adding family-owned Bulldog Tire and Lightning Auto Glass (both in Atlanta) and Tyre Outfitters in Winchester, Virginia. The company also opened a new store in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

According to Tyre Discounters President and CEO Jamie Ward, Tire Discounters is in a unique position to help family operators such as Bulldog Tire, Lightning Auto Glass and Tire Outfitters develop their businesses. The company stated that the company is focused on bringing employee support, nationally recognized expertise and business infrastructure to work with great family operators who have devoted their efforts to their business.

These recent developments will help the company open 60 stores in 2022 through acquisitions and organic growth, which will bring the total number of Tyre Discounters stores in the United States to more than 200.

The company said the larger Atlanta acquisition was a purposeful move. In December 2020, Tire Discounters added two Porterfield Tires retail stores and a commercial outlet and warehouse (which owns a distribution center and accelerates the company's expansion in the southern states) to the company's roster. The company said that Tire Discounters expects to add 30 locations in Atlanta by 2022.

With the acquisition of Bulldog Tire, Tire Discounters added stores in suburban Atlanta: Covington, Monroe and Snellville. The Bulldog Tyre store provides a full range of services, focusing on new tires, tire services and car repair services. Tire Discounters also acquired Bulldog Tyres' wholesale store in Monroe, which will serve as another distribution warehouse for Tyre Discounters-the company's fourth distribution warehouse.

According to Tyre Discounters, the company was founded in 1973 and is a natural member of Tyre Discounters because it promises the same family values ​​as the Cincinnati-based company and is committed to serving the local community.

Tyre Discounters also added an auto glass company to its roster, Lightning Auto Glass in Chamblee, Georgia. As a leader in the automotive glass industry, joining Tyre Discounters doubled its automotive glass repair and installation business. Tire Discounters currently has mobile glass and ADAS fleets in its northern market, and a glass store in its hometown of Cincinnati. In mid-November, a fleet of mobile glass and ADAS will be launched in Tennessee.

Finally, Tire Discounters added a new retail store after refurbishing a former Tyres Plus store in the Atlanta suburbs of Lawrenceville, Georgia. The store joins tire discount stores in Oglethorpe, Dalton, Watkinsville and Athens, Georgia.

According to Ward, the company is developing rapidly and adding stores in areas where tire discounters are currently inaccessible, noting that the company's success is directly related to the way it treats customers.

The company stated that the acquisition of Tire Outfitters is Tyre Discounters' first location in Virginia.

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